Our Story

When David Callif was 10 years old, he would ride his bicycle to the drug store and buy as much penny candy as he could afford. Then he would sell it to the other neighborhood kids for a nickel a piece.

That cleverness and entrepreneurial spirit stayed with David into adulthood. After almost two decades working in sales and marketing at companies like Procter and Gamble, David got the chance to buy a start-up ink manufacturing business.

The only catch was that he had just a week to decide.

Taking Hold of the Opportunity

David had been working for the parent company—a company he helped take public—and the Board of Directors decided to divest the ink division. He knew very little about the technical side of water-based inks for flexo printing.

But he knew opportunity when he saw it, and he understood that this underserved niche had incredible growth potential. So, in December 1988, he put everything on the line and became the owner of BCM Inks.

David threw himself into the business, including making trips to Germany to learn how to efficiently and sustainably manufacture the highest quality ink. He built BCM one customer at a time, always trying to create the solutions printers needed to help their business run better.

The Next Generation of Leadership at BCM

In 2001, David’s son, Robert Callif, came on board full-time. Rob had grown up spending summers in the ink shop. After a short stint working at start-ups in Silicon Valley, he decided to return to Cincinnati and learn the business from the ground up.

Rob started as a sales and technical rep, taking advantage of all the education offered through AICC. In 2013, he was promoted to VP and Chief Operating Officer. Then in 2018, he officially began transitioning to President.

Expanding Internationally, But Still Focused on Customers

In 2019, BCM Inks opened a manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico. Starting in 2024, Davis Graphics, located in Santiago, Chile, will distribute BCM’s inks and varnishes to South America. Having these locations means we can provide a faster delivery and response time throughout Mexico and South America. 

No matter how much we grow, we’ve never forgotten the most important part of this business: The people. We treat our company associates like family, and our customers and suppliers as true partners.

We’re proud to be an ISO certified organization, and remain committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers.


Breaking Down Boxes with BCM Inks

In this episode we talk with Dave Callif, Chairmain & CEO, and Rob Callif, President of BCM Inks.

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The father/son team share how skills from the fashion industry and P&G translate into corrugated, succession planning, and the challenges of being a start-up.

Listeners can hear how their practical, rather than emotional, choices led to a smooth transition and maintained harmony when there are children in and out of the company.

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