Corrugated Today – May/June 2015, pages 64-68

Mastering the Variables of Spot Color Management, by Scott Miller, BCM Inks USA, Inc.

2018 Werner Sattler/BCM Inks Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Werner Sattler/BCM Inks Scholarship: Carley R. Bishop, Ashley T. Cook, Gabrielle H. Darden, Dovie Leigh Jeffcoat, Kate H. Lawson, Zachary D. Patterson, Erica L. Trykowski. BCM annually awards the Werner Sattler/BCM Inks Scholarship in memory of our …Read More >

15 for ’15 by David Callif, President and Owner of BCM Inks

  2015 is here. I always find this is a good time to reflect and to prognosticate. I try to minimize the reflection time and maximize the prognostications. After all, what’s happened has happened. Let’s learn from the past then move ahead. This is why …Read More >

The Tricks of Trapping – BCM Inks

  Ink makers are sometimes called upon to be magicians. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been asked to make a blue ink when printed over a yellow not to turn the trap area green or pinhole. Or, we have a 4 …Read More >

“Sustainability Plant Audits- Are They Worth It?” by David Callif, President, BCM Inks

“Sustainability is a fad. Sustainability is dead.” I hear these comments over and over. I do not believe either of these two statements. The reason is I see the change in our industry, our customers, and our society as it pertains to the environment. This is why, …Read More >

“Is a Digital Printer in Your Future?” by David Callif, President/Owner BCM Inks

The year is 1995. The location is an exhibition hall at Drupa in Dusseldorf, Germany. A man named Benny Landa, Founder and owner of Indigo, was in the exhibition hall talking about how his digital printer would revolutionize the world of print. To emphasize …Read More >

Join Sustainability Audit Workshop Moderator, David Callif, at Corrugated Week

Corrugated Week presented by TAPPI/AICC is 9/28-10/1/14 in Long Beach, California. David Callif will be moderator for a Sustainability Audit Workshop on Tuesday, September 30th from 4:30-5:30pm. The workshop will provide hard data from selected converters about how a sustainability audit can improve your …Read More >

1st Walmart Sustainable Product Expo Recap

“Comfort Food – Why Businesses Need to Stay Aware of Packaging Trends” by David Callif, President/Owner BCM Inks

Last night, I went to dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants, Blue Ash Chili. It’s been featured on the Food Channel. The reason- they serve great food. They offer delicious Mamma’s meatloaf, triple decker grilled cheese sandwiches, Mac’n Cheese, apple pie, and …Read More >

“Copper-Free Inks Can Lower Ink Waste Water Processing Costs” by Dr. Ted Vernardakis, PhD., BCM Inks

If you are currently paying a waste water treatment company to haul away your inks, BCM Inks has a lower cost alternative through our copper-free water-based inks. To give some history, in 1991 the EPA established the final Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) for …Read More >