Sustainable at Our Core

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on sustainability.

Quite literally, it all starts with the products we make. 

What Makes Our Products Sustainable?

BCM Inks makes water flexo printing inks for the corrugated industry. How is this related to sustainability? There are three main ways.

Eco-friendly inks: Water-based inks are inherently more eco-friendly than other types of inks. Unlike solvents or UV-based products, our inks are made from more sustainable raw materials.

Eco-friendly end products: We produce products specifically for corrugated boxes and display pieces. Corrugated pieces have among the highest recycle rates of any material.

Eco-friendly innovations: We took our commitment to sustainability a step further by innovating a new product for the industry. First, we made Eekoflex—and then Eekoflex II, which is our most sustainable line of inks and varnishes. In fact, these products are made from a byproduct of the paper pulpmaking process.

Eekoflex and Eekoflex II inks and varnishes print the same as other water-based flexo inks, and:

  • Contain no heavy metals.
  • Have little to no volatile organic compounds. 
  • Save three gallons of petroleum and 60 pounds of carbon dioxide per 450-pound drum of ink.

Recognized for Our Leadership
in Sustainable Business Practices

Throughout the decades, BCM Inks has worked to push the industry forward, including: 


We were the first North American-based ink company to receive the Certificate of Green Partnership from SONY Corp. The certificate recognizes BCM’s establishment of an environmental management system that complies with SONY’s stringent environmental standards.

Industry Recognition

  • Gold winner in the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation.
  • Member of Hamilton County’s Go Green Challenge.
  • Renewable Energy Certificate from Cincinnati’s Constellation Energy “Going Green.”
  • David Callif was Co-Chair of AICC Sustainability Committee.
  • BCM’s Eekoflex inks are featured at Material ConneXion.
  • Rob Callif is published in “Sustainable Graphic Design: Tools, Systems, and Strategies for Innovative Print Design.” Get your copy now at!


Eekoflex II Inks and Varnishes are Swiss Ordinance Compliant. Swiss Ordinance Compliant is one of the most stringent environmental standards in the world.