Ink Blending Systems

BCM Inks provides numerous blending system options for customers who wish to blend inks on-site. Blending systems will enhance any production setting by improving machine uptime while lowering waste and ink inventory.

BCM Inks introduced the first ink blending system to the US corrugated market in the early 1990’s. In 1992, with their revolutionary Mini-Ink Kitchen, BCM was awarded runner-up for “Innovator of the Year” by the AICC (Association of Independent Corrugated Converters).

Today, more than 80% of our customers are equipped with blending systems. Having the ability to blend inks on-site benefits a printer in numerous ways.

BCM Inks’ Blending System Advantages

  • Just-In-Time Inks: blend inks on-site as needed
  • Inventory Management: control inventory by blending amount required to fulfill order
  • Increase Profits: less downtime and waste
  • Quicker-to-Market: react faster to customer demands
  • Lower Costs: blending inks are typically 25% less expensive than finished inks
  • Flexibility: quick and easy press side color adjustments
  • Easy Ordering: 8-12 products
  • ColorConneXion®, BCM Inks’ exclusive color management software, is included with all blending systems

BCM Inks’ Blending System Features

*Batch speed based on blending 1-50 lb. batch.
** Accuracy based on blending 1-50 lb. batch.

BCM Inks’ experienced sales team can align your company with the appropriate blending system to satisfy or exceed current and future ink requirements. To get started, please contact us >