Six Color Process Printing

sixcolorcoffeebox-BCM offers six-color process printing with process black, cyan, magenta, yellow, orange and green. This color set greatly increases the printable gamut of your press, allowing you to reproduce process images more vividly than ever before, and increases the number of screen builds of pantone and GCMI colors.


BCM’s six-color process offers a method for printing process jobs that are saturated in reds and greens. What would normally be a four-color process job can now be separated into six colors by adding an orange and green. This adds to the detail and brilliance of the job, replacing two color traps with a subsequent color.



  • Mostly printed on high hold out substrates
  • Doctor blade metering offers the best print quality
  • Extended ink set allows for a much larger color pallet in the Pantone matching system
  • Inks are formulated for the type of press running the ink
  • Separations are done in RGB and converted to the six-color process







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