sprayerCounterfeiting of trademarked and copyrighted merchandise continues to increase in the United States. The illegal activity costs companies more than $200 billion in sales annually, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. In addition, brand reputation can be tarnished and customer loyalty affected.


BCM Inks addresses counterfeiting by developing security products that are cost effective and can be applied directly to the corrugated package to eliminate the need for a secondary converter (e.g., a label). BCM also supplies a line of security that makes authentication easy and non-compromising. Security features can be visible, invisible or a combination.


Secure-a-Flex is a water-based ink or varnish designed to prevent counterfeiting. These specialized compounds can be printed directly onto corrugated packaging using existing equipment.


BCM security solutions are designed with the brand owner in mind. Features can be multi-level for items of significant value or one level with high technology covertly incorporated on the package. These security features can be combined in the initial printing ink or kept separate as stand-alone features. BCM’s chain of custody and audit system prevent unauthorized use of its products.


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