candydisplayBCM Inks’ Scent-a-Flex™ is a patented microencapsulated ink or varnish that releases a fragrance when touched. The scent can be generic (i.e., strawberry or chocolate) or specific (i.e., Smucker’s Strawberry or Hershey’s chocolate).


Marketing benefits of Scent-a-Flex include enhancing the POP buying decision by appealing to the olfactory sense; generating buzz on new products being introduced to the marketplace; offering a scent that lasts up to one year; and attracting crowds when a POP display piece is printed on corrugated.


  • Eliminates the need and cost to add a Scratch n’ Stiff sticker
  • Scent-a-Flex is easy to implement because it is applied in-line through an ink or OPV
  • High hold out substrates are ideal because they enable the ink/varnish to sit on top of the substrate and carry a stronger scent than kraft substrates which absorb more of the ink and release less scent

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