Ink Related Products

Printing Essentials

To be sure BCM inks and varnishes perform to their best potential, it’s important to use complementary products. If your goal is to accomplish top-tier printing results, we recommend the following products be used alongside BCM inks.


BCM EconoblendBCMEconoblend
The BCM Econoblend ink blending system can help customers lower ink costs while controlling print process results – reducing ink inventory by up to 50% in the first year. This system is designed to produce consistently superior color matches the first time. Results include reduced matching time, labor savings, less ink/paper spoilage, and minimal downtime when on press. The BCM Econoblend ink blending system truly is the most productive ink manager in the business.


Fully Automated Blending System
BCM’s fully automated blending system is a computerized process which produces a 5-gallon pail in less than five minutes. Our system benefits customers in several ways, including controlling ink costs; reducing current ink inventory by up to 50%; reducing ink-related lost press time; improving machine efficiency rates up to 10%; ensuring just-in-time delivery; improving spot color accuracy; reducing customer approval time; and providing a wide color selection. The fully automated blending system is available in 12-, 16-, 18- or 24-unit system configuration.


pH Metersph tester
Since BCM customers have varied needs, we offer standard and waterproof pH meter testers. All models offer the accuracy of temperature-compensated readings with the convenience of pocket-sized design. All models are IP67 rated.


Din 4 Cupsdin4 cup
BCM’s Din 4 cup is indispensible for properly measuring ink viscosity. The Din 4 cup has a greater degree of accuracy than the Zahn cup. Plus, it is sturdier than the Zahn cup and results in less breakage.


SpectrodensitometersX-Rite eXact
X-Rite eXact, 939, 530 or 528 portable spectrodensitometers are a must-have for every ink kitchen. These units bring the accuracy of spectrophotometry to an affordable instrument designed specifically to monitor basic color reproduction. They calculate density functions and density difference for highly accurate results every time.


Color Guidespantonebook2
BCM offers Pantone and GCMI color guides. The Pantone book includes more than 1,000 colors on coated and uncoated paper. GCMI guides are available on kraft, mottled or bleach substrates.


MSDS Sheets
BCM Inks is a multinational leader in the manufacturing and marketing of environmentally correct water flexo printing inks for the value-added corrugated packaging industry.

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