banner-g7BCM has developed a water-based flexo set of inks for the corrugated industry that is compliant with G-7.


G7 is a revolutionary new methodology for calibrating proof-to-press and press-to-press across any printing process. Developed by industry-leading color experts, the G7 methodology includes ingenious techniques for dramatically improving print quality and consistency.


The benefits of G7 have been recognized in the litho and gravure industries, but G7 is now gaining ground as it relates to the flexo industry. As more printers are becoming G7 certified, it’s important for customers to know that BCM is very involved with G7.


G7 is not a standard; it is a method of calibration. This method only encompasses four-color process printing. Through the use of spectrophotometry, digital imaging and computer-to-plate technologies, G7 allows a printer to get “similar match” between their proofing and printing devices. Another benefit to G7 is its workflow process.


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