Eekoflex Inks and Varnishes

BCM’s Eekoflex inks and varnishes provide outstanding environmental solutions for customers seeking a more sustainable printed product.

Eekoflex inks and varnishes are produced from paper residue, contain no heavy metals, have little to no volatile organic compounds and are shipped in reground plastic buckets, reused 55 gallon drums or returnable totes.


They print the same as other water-based flexo inks, with the added benefits of improved lay and minimal bronzing.


Eekoflex inks and varnishes save three gallons of petroleum and 60 pounds of carbon dioxide per 450-pound drum of ink. Eekoflex is a viable alternative to soy or other vegetable commodity-based inks.


Furthermore, use of Eekoflex inks or varnishes can increase press speeds by an amazing 30% and reduce drier usage by an impressive 25%. And an official third-party auditor has validated sustainability claims of Eekoflex.

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