Mother Nature’s Answer to UV Coatings

Environmentally sustainable products are important. They will become even more important in the years ahead. BCM Inks USA, Inc. recognizes this. We have placed a top priority on the development and distribution of eco-friendly products since our inception in 1988. This year we are pleased to announce the introduction of another breakthrough sustainable product. It is a product developed specifically for the corrugated print market. It is called DuaKure.

DuaKure is an alternative to UV coatings. It is a water based OPV (overprint varnish). It is made from a natural secreted plant product. Therefore, it meets BCM’s rigorous environmental standards.

It offers numerous benefits versus UV and standard water-based coatings/varnishes.

Benefits are as follows:

  • Safer than traditional UV coatings – no inhalation issues or special PPE need
  • Easy disposal – same disposal method as any other water-based coating/varnish
  • Minimal odor – a slight sweet odor in comparison to UV coatings
  • Less expensive than typical UV coatings
  • Higher gloss levels than conventional water-based coatings/varnish (+ 43% on average)
  • Low VOC’s (.08%)
  • Excellent rub resistance (high slide angle) and glue ability
  • No special handling

DuaKure also meets the needs of printers without UV capabilities who want to achieve gloss levels similar to UV.

DuaKure takes its name from its unique dual curability feature. DuaKure can be cured easily with any IR drier and/or with a combination of IR and UV lamps. However, UV lamps tend to produce higher gloss levels.

DuaKure can enhance the look and feel of your corrugated package or display.  If you want to try a bucket or find out more about this innovative eco-friendly product, contact BCM Inks USA, Inc. at sales@bcmiks.com or call toll free at 1-800-678-6238.

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