Superflex help printers increase their efficiency rates,
while still producing award-winning results.

From simple line work to complex color combinations, BCM Inks’ Superflex line can tackle any printing project with ease. 

Resoluble with less tack, our Superflex inks don’t require as much plate cleaning when working with delicate screens or line art.

Superflex is ideal for high graphics printing with fine line screen anilox rolls on coated substrates.


Superflex is also known for its:

• Optimal drying speed for vacuum transfer presses.

• Minimal dot gain so you get the best image reproduction.

• Great trapping characteristics.

• Increased transparency levels which produce the largest color gamut.


Every ink we make is customized to meet our customers’ needs

Formulating Ink For a Better End Result

Not all ink is created equal. BCM's high-quality water flexo printing inks offer printers more mileage.
In many cases, our products also produce a larger color gamut for graphics.

BCM's products are known in the industry for:


For rub, scuff, and water resistance, our inks and varnishes can’t be beat, from our line of fast-curing UV varnishes to our plant-based varnishes.


Our products have better gloss and color intensity, especially high-strength lines like XTRA inks and varnishes.


We’ve been making environmentally friendly inks and varnishes for decades, with high-performing products like Eekoflex and EekoPlast.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.


With lines like Superflex, you can minimize plate washing, increasing your productivity.

We seek efficiencies in other ways, too, like our line of inks that’s compliant with G7—a newer method of calibration for which many flexo printers are certified.


Year after year, we’ve innovated products that improve direct print capabilities.

This includes specialty products like Scent-a-Flex and Secure-a-Flex, as well as high-performing metallics, pearlescents, and other products that fulfill unique needs.

BCM Inks is the partner of choice for the biggest and best brands.