Sistemas de mezcla de tinta MstrBlend

BCM Tintas es una multinacional líder en la fabricación y comercialización de tintas de impresión flexográfica agua ambientalmente correctos para la industria de envases de cartón ondulado de valor añadido.

BCM Inks offers MstrBlend, a semi-automated ink blending system. Equipped with iBlend ink management software, the MSTRBlend can file ink formulas and manage ink inventory at the highest level. A wash unit is available as an upgrade to keep valves clean.

The MstrBlend is a low maintenance system, built to last. This system can also be upgraded to a fully-automated ink blending system (MstrBlend II). The MstrBlend is one of several custom-tailored ink blending systems BCM Inks offers to reduce inventory and improve production uptime.

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Photo shows traditional layout. Single row layout is available.

BCM Inks MstrBlend benefits include:

  • Replaced the original ECONOBlend which is no longer offered.
  • Semi-automated system
  • Equipped with iBlendsoftware
  • Dispensing valves clean easily
  • Can be upgraded to MstrBlend (fully-automated)