Color Management Tools to Help Grow Your Business

Color ConneXion® is the first color management software for corrugated
printers, and it helps control color better than ever before.

Get control over measuring your print color.

Color is a careful science. Creating the right color match is one of our passions, and we have the best talent and technology to do it. Whether you’re matching brand colors or have a one-off, we have the right solution for you.

Want to get control over measuring your print color? That’s why we developed Color ConneXion®.

Why Color ConneXion®

Complimentary for Our Customers

Color ConneXion® is the first color management software to specifically serve the corrugated industry. We offer it free of charge to our blending system customers. We also give you infinite seats, so your entire organization can have access.

Easy To Use

BCM Inks’ Color ConneXion® is easy to use in English or Spanish, so you can get up and running fast. You can link all departments through the press room with one central database. Because colors are all automatically uploaded from BCM Inks lab into your database, Color ConneXion® saves you time and ensures accuracy.

Functionality to Help Print Jobs Run Smoothly

In addition to building jobs using your formulas and specific press configurations, you can:

  • Record viscosity, pH, and dryer percent (and see suggested ranges per color formula).
  • View live color readings anywhere in the world.
  • Reference and report on historical data.
  • Upload print cards for easy visual reference.
  • Take sample reads.
  • Receive suggested color adjustments.

Cloud-Based Software

If you have a problem during a print run, we can see exactly what is happening press-side and can help you over the phone.

Experts at Helping Manage Brand Colors

More and more, there’s a demand for corrugated printers to match brand colors. After all, your clients don’t want close enough. They want a consistent match across all their corrugated materials.

BCM is a leading expert in managing and printing branded colors. We know that not all brand colors can be replicated exactly when printing on corrugated.

Consulting about which colors can be matched and managing the process
are the most important services we offer our customers.

BCM Inks is the partner of choice for the biggest and best brands.


From Our Customers About Color ConneXion®

Our graphics department, ink kitchen, customer service, and production can look at the same data.

This makes it simple to communicate within departments.

Never had an issue getting a color to pass.

We work with big name brands and the quality is important. 

Color ConneXion has streamlined our process and is making us more efficient.

Super easy to use compared to other color management software programs.

The training for Color ConneXion was customized to our needs. Having a cloud-based systems is helpful in trying to resolve issues.