“Happy Holidays – We’re About to Be Trumped!” by David Callif, CEO/Owner, BCM Inks

I have written a holiday newsletter since I started BCM Inks USA, Inc. almost 28 years ago. Every newsletter has thanked you- our customers, our suppliers, and our associates. You have helped make BCM Inks a successful independent family owned company. In addition to …Read More >

“My Takeaways from SuperCorrExpo 2016” by David Callif, CEO/Owner, BCM Inks

BCM Inks’ David and Rob Callif and Associates celebrate their digitally printed SuperCorrExpo corrugated booth. Vanguard Packaging of Kansas City, MO printed and designed the booth. In 2012, the AICC and TAPPI decided to move SuperCorrExpo from Atlanta, GA to Orlando, FL. I just …Read More >

“What’s Ahead?” by David Callif, President, BCM Inks

It seems like every time I go on a sales call someone asks “What’s New?” I enjoy responding to this question. It allows me to talk about the products and processes BCM Inks has already developed. However, when I leave the call, I recognize …Read More >

“The Biggest Print Challenge” by David Callif, President, BCM Inks

What’s the biggest or most complicated print challenge you’ve faced? I’ve got to believe you remember the experience like it was yesterday. The good news is if you’re reading this article- you worked through it. You survived! My experience occurred last year. Here’s what …Read More >

The Tricks of Trapping – BCM Inks

  Ink makers are sometimes called upon to be magicians. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been asked to make a blue ink when printed over a yellow not to turn the trap area green or pinhole. Or, we have a 4 …Read More >