AICC inBox Answers – AICC BoxScore

G7 Affords Opportunity to the Post Print Corrugated Market, by Scott Miller, BCM Inks USA, Inc.

Corrugated Today – May/June 2015, pages 64-68

Mastering the Variables of Spot Color Management, by Scott Miller, BCM Inks USA, Inc.

BCM Inks Recognized by Spring Cove Container

BCM Inks was recognized by Spring Cove Container in the latest issue of Corrugated Today. You can read the article here!

BCM Inks’ Scott Miller discusses color management in Corrugated Today

January/February 2014: Delivering Color Accurately and Consistently, by Jackie Schultz, Editor Corrugated Today

AICC BoxScore – July/August 2013, pages 43-44

The Sustainability Audit – A Treasure Hunt by David Callif, BCM INKS

FLEXO – January 2012

Color Consistency: The New Marketing Tool by Matthew Gryczan, SciTech Communications LLC in FLEXO – January 2012

AICC BoxScore – May/June 201, pages 31-32

Spot on Brand Colors by Scott Miller, BCM INKS

Rob Callif is published in “Sustainable Graphic Design”

Rob Callif is one of the contributing authors in “Sustainable Graphic Design” by Wendy Jedlicka, a consultant and professor specializing in sustainable design.  Rob helped with the ink chapter within the book.  Get your copy now at!

AICC Boxscore Newsletter – November/December 2009

G7 – A New Efficient Print Method by Scott Miller, BCM INKS

FLEXO – March 2009

Pine for Your Inks by Dr. Ted Vernardakis, BCM INKS