Versatile, Customized Ink Blending Systems for Corrugated Printers

BCM Inks introduced the first ink blending system
to the U.S. corrugated market more than 30 years ago.

Since that first Mini-Ink Kitchen, we’ve refined and perfected our ink blending systems.

BCM Inks currently has three types of ink blending systems.

In fact, 80% of our customers use blending systems in their facility. 

MicroBlend Sustainable Blending System

Our most sustainable blending system, the MicroBlend is our base model. It’s a manual system that requires no air or water and only minimal electricity. 

The MicroBlend is easy to install and low maintenance overall, helping you reduce inventory and improve production uptime.

Fully Automated System

The VersiBlend is a fully-automated system, and is the next step up from MicroBlend.

This system has a small, flexible footprint and is low maintenance. It’s accurate up to 2 grams in a 50-pound batch.

The VersiBlend comes with an instructional video, making installation easy.

MstrBlend II
Ink Blending System

Our most robust ink blending system, the MstrBlend II is fully automated. It can file ink formulas and manage ink inventory at the highest level.

It’s also built with specially designed valves for quick and precise dispensing, and can keep up with the most demanding production schedules.

Why Have an Ink Blending System?

One of the biggest benefits of having an ink kitchen is that you always have just-in-time inks, and can blend on-site as you need. This gives you better inventory management, because you can blend only what you need to fulfill an order.

We’ve spent years helping customers set up their ink blending systems. Time and time again, we see them reaping many of the same benefits. Having an ink kitchen helps printers:

  • Increase profits: You’ll enjoy less downtime and waste—productivity that can boost profits.
  • Be quicker to market: You can react faster to customer demands.
  • Lower costs: You’ll save money because blending inks are about 25% less expensive than finished inks.
  • Have more flexibility: You can make quick and easy press-side color adjustments when needed.

Plus, customers who use our ink blending systems are automatically eligible to use Color ConneXion®, BCM’s exclusive color management software that comes with unlimited seat licenses. Learn more about Color ConneXion® and other color management solutions.

Find out which BCM Ink Blending System
can take your production to the next level.

iBlend software
Operation Mode
Batch Speed*
Raw Materials
* manual
7-10 min.
up to 13
operator dependent
5-7 min.
up to 16
2 grams
electric, air, internet
MstrBlend II
4-6 min.
up to 16
2 grams
electric, air, internet

*Based on blending one 50 lb. batch.

Our technical sales representatives can talk you
through which option is best for your needs.

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