Volume 8 No. 3 – “Innovation in Direct Print Corrugated”

By David Callif, President of BCM INKS The recent introductions of the Apple iPad and iPhone got me thinking about innovation in direct print corrugated. When is the last time a company in our industry developed a product that generated the buzz or excitement …Read More >

Volume 8 No. 2 – “Earth Day – 2010”

By David Callif, President of BCM INKS Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Who would have thought 40 years ago that Earth Day would become more than a day long event but a movement? Who would have thought that Earth Day would …Read More >

Volume 8 No. 1 – “Through the Looking Glass – Prognostications for the New Decade”

By David Callif, President of BCM INKS As we end a most challenging decade, I prefer to focus on the future. I will attempt to peer into the mirror or the looking glass and make some predictions about the next 10 years. These predictions …Read More >

Volume 7 No. 4 – “The Moment of Truth”

By David Callif, President of BCM INKS “The Moment of Truth” is not my idea. A.G. Lafley, Chairman of the Board of Procter & Gamble, is credited with popularizing this phrase. It describes the moment when the consumer makes a decision to buy or …Read More >

Volume 7 No. 3 – Family Reunions, Sustainable Business Practices & Color Communication Management

By David Callif, President of BCM INKS What do family reunions, sustainable business practices, and color communication management have in common? Quite a lot if you happen to be a member of my family or a reader of this newsletter. This summer my family …Read More >

Volume 7 No. 2 – Earth Day – Every Day is Good Business!

By David Callif, President of BCM INKS Today is Earth Day.  Earth Day (April 22nd) is more than a day; it’s a movement that began in the late 1960’s as a way to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.  This year almost everywhere you look …Read More >

Volume 7 No. 1 – Color Consistency – A Sustainable Solution

By David Callif, President of BCM INKS How many of you have thought about the role color plays in a “sustainable” operation? I’m sure many of you at one time or another have spent hours press-side making color adjustments.  Think of the cost.  Think of the waste.  If …Read More >

Volume 6 No. 5 – BCM INKS’ 20th Anniversary – A Celebration of the Past, Present, and Future

By David Callif, President of BCM INKS December 29th is a special date.  It marks a significant milestone in my life and the lives of all the associates at BCM Inks.  December 29th is the 20th anniversary of BCM Inks USA, Inc.’s inception!  It’s the day I …Read More >

Volume 6 No. 4 – SuperCorrExpo – A Sustainable Concept?

By David Callif, President of BCM INKS Next week in Atlanta, GA, SuperCorrExpo 2008 will be held.  I have heard quite a lot of conversation/speculation about the need for SuperCorr and the Atlanta location.  Why spend time and money on travel to the Georgia Convention Center Atlanta, …Read More >

Volume 6 No. 3 – DRUPA 2008 Recap

By Mike Hayden, National Technical Director of BCM INKS I had the fortunate opportunity to attend DRUPA this year. For those of you unfamiliar with DRUPA, it is the world’s largest exposition for the printing industry. It is held every four years in Dusseldorf, …Read More >