Volume 4 No. 3 – Where in the World is Rob? (Part III)

By David Callif, President of BCM INKS and Rob’s father

Ronald McDonald made a surprise visit to our facility to help celebrate the introduction of our revolutionary new Nanoflex inks.  Celebrations and introductions of new products occur often at BCM.  We believe in educating our associates and our customers about our new products and celebrating these events. 

This quarterly newsletter continues to follow BCM’s VP of Operations, Rob Callif, as he travels throughout the world gathering and reporting some useful insights on the corrugated industry.  Last quarter’s newsletter (Volume 4, Number 2) found Rob in Taiwan.  Congratulations to Steve Pearson of Printing Research for the correct guess of Rob’s location.  The copy cat direct print presses helped Steve determine the country.  Enjoy the newsletter and look for Rob and me at the October annual AICC meeting in Chicago and ACCCSA meeting in Lima, Peru.


David Callif

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Efficient Printers

By Robert Callif, VP of Operations at BCM INKS

As much as I enjoyed the German beer and Asian food, it did not distract me from my continued thirst for corrugated knowledge.  I’ve had fun sharing my experiences in Germany and Taiwan with you.  However, you have only read about half of my journey.  So, come join me on my latest trip. 

I did not have to cross an ocean to visit this expansive country.  I could either drive or fly from Cincinnati to visit most of the printers.  This particular country faces similar corrugated challenges as Western European countries.  Unlike the printers in Western European countries, this country’s printers are investing in UV overprint varnish technology to improve their graphics printing.  Besides receiving higher gloss levels with UV varnish, some of the benefits of applying UV varnish over water-based varnish are as follows:  1) Instantaneous drying;  2) No VOCs;  and 3) More protection against outside elements.

Another difference between the box plants in this country and Western European countries is that this particular country has an abundance of rotary die-cutters.  The rotary die-cutters allow for more efficiency than stand alone die-cutters and presses as long as the rotaries are running at sufficient speeds.  Some of the most efficient rotary box plants are maximizing their press up-time by controlling their processes.  They did this through:  1) Continuously training and educating their operators;  2) Working closely with their suppliers;  3) Corrugating or buying flat board;  4) Making sure the die-cuts are simple so the board will not cause a jam in the stacker;  and 5) Keeping detailed notes and print samples on every job.

If you want to find out more about my trip and how BCM can help you improve your quality, operator training, or products, please email me at rcallif@bcminks.com or call before I take off on my next print adventure. 


Rob Callif   

BCM introduces Nanoflex

Five years in development, BCM’s nanosize particle technology enables an ink to develop better color intensity, gloss, coverage, resolubility, and transparency on most liners.  The Nanoflex inks are designed to run with no press-side adjustment and can be cleaned with soap and water and/or water only.  Dr. Ted Vernardakis, BCM INKS, Director of R&D, states, “With the use of nanotechnology, we are able to break ink into micro-sized particles and formulate a close to perfect ink system.”  As an added benefit, the Nanoflex inks meet or exceed “green” mandates. 

Ask one of BCM’s friendly associates for more information at 513-469-0400 or sales@bcminks.com