Volume 4 No. 1 – Where in the World is Rob? (Part I)

By David Callif, President of BCM INKS and Rob’s father

 How many of you remember the computer game, “Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?”  The game’s premise was to pinpoint Carmen’s location through a series of questions and answers.

            This year BCM Inks will play our version as it relates to print issues.  Our purpose is to provide you a first hand account of global print trends and to have FUN doing it.

            BCM’s VP of Operations, Rob Callif, will serve as tour guide and print expert.  He will recap what he has learned about print as he visits various countries.  It will be up to you to determine what country Rob has visited.  E-mail me with your answer.  Winner(s) will be announced in our next newsletter.

            We believe an educated customer is the BEST customer.  We’re going to continue to try different approaches to keep you ahead of the pack.

            Have fun as you try to determine “Where in the world is Rob?”

            Also, as a reminder, The “Werner” will be awarded this year to the plant who has the most extensive and effective training program for all employees dedicated to high graphics direct print on corrugated.  Nominations can be e-mailed to me.  The winner will be announced in the fourth quarter. 


David Callif

Ph: 513-469-0400

E-mail: Dave@bcminks.com

An Amazing Place

By Robert Callif, VP of Operations at BCM INKS

        This year I embarked on a print journey.  My associate, Mike Hayden, BCM’s National Technical Director, accompanied me.  Our purpose was to gain further insight into worldwide corrugated print trends.  On this particular trip, we flew over 6000 miles then drove over 1600 miles in a week to see a paper mill, a preprint plant, a couple of press manufacturers, and several post print facilities.  We wanted to share as many experiences as possible with you!

            Overall, we learned that this country’s printers face similar issues to North America’s post print graphic printers.  However, despite price pressures, this country’s printers overcame their print challenges through a 4 step approach.  The approach consisted of :  1) An emphasis on quality; 2) Innovative products and print procedures; 3) An investment in the latest equipment; and 4) Continuous training of all personnel.

            The print philosophy of this country’s printers could be summarized as “Be the best and don’t accept anything less.”  Top management set the course and everyone else followed.  Below are some of my other observations.

            All the plants we visited had modern equipment (corrugators and presses less than 5 years old).  The modern corrugators were installed to handle light weight recycled board.  Eighty per cent of this country’s printers use light weight recycled liner.  This enables them to reduce costs, meet “green” standards, and still meet box strength requirements.

            How to corrugate and print light weight paper requires training.  In this country, operators of the corrugators and presses received extensive training through apprenticeships, supplier programs, and in house.

            This training and the use of modern equipment enabled the operators to manufacture flat light weight recycled board, control the print variables, and produce the product at high speeds.

            We noticed this country’s operators control their variables by working closely with their suppliers well BEFORE the job goes on press.  Their suppliers also keep them abreast of the latest and greatest print techniques and innovations.  All the converters we saw had ink kitchens and spectrodensitometers to control their ink inventories and color consistency.  They also favored water base overprint varnish versus UV varnish.

            The converters in this country typically use stand alone printers and off-line flat bed die cutters rather than in-line rotary die cutters.  The interesting part is press speeds were almost always maximized.

            If you want to find out more about my trip and how BCM can help you improve your quality, operator training, or products, please email me at rcallif@bcminks.com or call before I take off on my next print adventure. 


Rob Callif