Volume 3 No. 4 – Direct Print Graphics Training: Who Needs It?

By David Callif, President of BCM Inks

You’ve heard of the Oscars, the Emmys, the Espys — BCM is proud to announce the “Werner”.  The “Werner” is BCM’s new annual award for direct print graphic excellence in training and print quality.  The award will go to the corrugated plant that consistently offers training to their employees and improves their direct print graphic quality.  (For those readers who do not know who Werner was, the late Werner Sattler was BCM’s first technical director.  He believed strongly in sharing his vast knowledge through constant training.)

Why are we announcing the “Werner”?  We want to stimulate training throughout our industry.

We believe that to excel in any endeavor you need to train.  Training is one of the most important investments a company can make.  Companies such as Procter and Gamble have extensive training programs.  They believe the benefits of training outweigh the cost.  Some of the benefits include less employee turnover, improved company morale, better cost control, more productive workforce, and improved quality.

These same benefits apply to our industry and direct print graphics in particular.  Direct print graphics doesn’t just happen; it requires a commitment/investment from management to the entire organization.  Everyone from customer service to design to production to sales needs training.

Our industry offers many direct print training opportunities.  They come at various costs and are offered by schools, trade associations, consultants, and suppliers.

We have compiled a list of some of the schools, trade associations, consultants, and suppliers who offer industry training.  The list is not all inclusive.  It is just a starting point. Our list is as follows:

  Schools                                                     Website or Email Address

                        Clemson                                                   www.clemson.edu/printcon

                        Fox Valley Technical College                          www.fvtc.edu                           

                        Central Piedmont Community College        www.cpcc.edu/flexo

                        University of Wisconsin Stout                        www.uwstout.edu

                        Trade Associations

                        AICC                                                             dcore@aiccbox.org

                        FTA                                             www.flexography.org or www.ftastore.com  

                        FPPA                                                               www.fppa.net

                        TAPPI                                                              www.tappi.org


                        Chris Heusch                                               Chris@archlogic.com

                        Les Pickering                                      Lesliepickering@productivity2.net


                        BCM Inks                                                  smiller@bcminks.com

                        Bobst                                                 cordes.porcher@bobstgroup.com

                        Marquip/Ward/United                          sbiller@marquipwardunited.com

                        Kemi                                steve.rote@m-real.com or john.sarik@m-real.com

                        Smurfit Stone                                             sjgilbert@smurfit.com

                        Harper Corp. of America                www.harperimage.com                         

                        Pamarco                                                  www.pamarcoglobal.com

                        Praxair                                                     brianjacob@earthlink.net

                        Triad                                                      pdaniel@triad-graphics.com

                        Printron                                                         www.printron.com

                        Mark Trece                                             lgrantham@marktrece.com

                        Matthews                                                       chop@matw.com

                        Dynamic Dies/City Stamp Works            kevink@dynamicdies.com

                        Workhorse Industries                           www.workhorseindustries.com

                        JB Machinery                                            www.jbmachinery.com

As you can see from this list, our industry offers many direct print graphic training options.  As we head into 2006, now is the time to set aside some training time for your most important asset: your people.  Who knows?  Your commitment may result in a bonus: a “Werner: in 2006!

All of us at BCM Inks wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!


David Callif

Ph: 513-469-0400

E-mail: Dave@bcminks.com