Volume 3 No. 1 – 2005 Resolutions

Can you believe it – it’s 2005!

We at BCM wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, and Informative New Year.

This is the first 2005 edition of our E-Newsletter, The Ink Link.

Our purpose as in past newsletters is to educate/inform.

We hope it helps you and your business achieve Health, Happiness, and Prosperity.

The reason is as you succeed, we succeed.

Our first E-Newsletter is devoted to the latest in printing plates. Three leaders in direct print corrugated plate making – Lee Grantham of Mark Trece, Kevin Chop of Matthews International, and Peter Daniel of Tri-ad Graphics have provided articles that will help you improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve print quality.

As we begin 2005, let me hear your feedback (Dave@bcminks.com). Is this the type of information you want to receive? Are there any topics you’d like us to research for future newsletters? Your feedback can help us all.

Let’s make 2005 the year of Information Sharing.

Have a great year- 

David Callif