Are You Revolutionary – Part II

This January I wrote about the academy award nominated movie, Bohemian Rhapsody. It was a movie about the rock group Queen, and their lead singer/songwriter, Freddie Mercury. Queen and specifically Freddie Mercury always pushed themselves to produce revolutionary rather than formulary music.

I received a lot of feedback since I wrote the newsletter. The feedback ranged from “I loved the movie, too” to “I agree that we have to be revolutionary in our businesses to succeed today”.

I decided to revisit this topic after I read an article in the June 3-10th, 2019 Sports Illustrated (yes, I still subscribe to SI the Magazine, printed edition, -55 years and counting!). The article was about NBA Hall of Fame coach, Don Nelson. He coached in the NBA for 31 seasons. He professed many of the offensive tactics employed by today’s NBA teams. He always challenged “basic basketball assumptions” by asking WHY. For example, Why can’t a big man shoot 3 point shots? Why can’t a team play small ball? i.e. play without a center.

This constant questioning of the status quo is something that every business owner/manager should do. The book, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”, by Thomas Kuhn, makes the point that progress is driven by revolutionary events. Standing pat or doing what’s previously worked will only take your company so far.

As business owners, we need to initiate revolutionary ideas or processes to grow or succeed.

So what can you do today to move your company forward? My recommendations are simple. They are as follows:
• Define SUCCESS.
• Ask WHY.
• Hire TALENT.
• Redefine PROCESSES.

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