Are you Revolutionary?

By David Callif, CEO/Owner, BCM Inks

I recently saw “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the movie about the British rock group Queen and their lead singer, Freddie Mercury. What genius! How were they able to create “revolutionary” music?

The simple answer is they challenged themselves to produce memorable songs rather than formulary music. They also involved their audience and made their audience (customers) part of the song/performance (click on the video to see what I mean).

This same process can be applied to you, too. 

  • Do you produce formulary products? 
  • Do you consider your customers in your operating decisions? 
  • Do you attend the same conferences once or twice/year?
  • Do you read/receive the same publications, newsfeeds, etc. every day, week, or month?
  • Do you follow the same daily routine?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you need to challenge yourself.

You’re in what is termed a linear thought and action pattern. If you want to grow yourself and your company, revolutionary actions are needed. This means implementing or causing changes outside or beyond established procedures. It means asking and acting upon the questions no one else has thought about.

So what’s revolutionary? I ask myself this question almost every day.

I try to picture our industry 5-10 years from now. Are we going to be entirely digital, combination of flexo/digital, or will home 3D printers eliminate the need for corrugated packages altogether? Will industry consolidation continue or will a new disruptive idea result in more smaller companies?

I do know that just like Queen’s hit song “Another One Bites the Dust” we need to rethink where we are today and chart a course to become “The Champions” (We are…).

Here’s to a successful 2019 – and to see my industry predictions for 2019 click here.

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