Amazon Unboxed – By David Callif, CEO, BCM Inks

I attended the recent AICC Spring Meeting. The meeting featured three speakers and a Suppliers Panel who all mentioned the disruption Amazon has created in the marketplace. They stated that Amazon is the largest buyer of corrugated packaging. Amazon is the main reason E-commerce corrugated growth is averaging 15%/year. However, this growth comes with a caveat.
Pepsico addressed this in their 2017 Annual Report: “Only one third of companies successfully navigate change when confronted by industry disruption and emerge on the other side.”
Think about this. Sixty six percent of companies will NOT survive the market disruption currently taking place in the retail environment. My purpose is not to shock but to spur action.
We as an industry need to look at how we can create the “ultimate” unboxing experience so we not only survive but thrive. In my opinion, Amazon is doing us a favor by forcing us to look at our operations from top to bottom.
For example, what equipment do we need to personalize our customer’s brand message or become more cost efficient i.e. new flexo folder gluers or digital printers? How can we reduce the amount of packaging i.e. lightweight the liner board or right size the package? Do we have the “best” people in the right job positions? Are our logistics systems able to handle fast and faster delivery?
This is only a small sampling of questions we need to ask. We really need to examine the e-commerce market from every facet. I’m going to help you get a start by examining the “Unboxing Experience”.
Brand Packaging Magazine (4/3/18) stated “The popularity of unboxing videos indicates that e-commerce consumers think of opening packages as unveiling of a gift to themselves. The “Unboxing Experience” is of high value. Delivering an experience that drives rave reviews and positive word of mouth is about getting everything right at the same time; products delivered at the right price, arrive in the right condition, and provide the right user experience.”
According to “Anatomy of the Perfect Unboxing Experience” (Yes there is a person who blogs about this!) the author lists three criteria for the perfect unboxing experience. They are as follows:
  1. Design an exterior box that stands out and impresses the consumer.
  2. Develop and use branded tape to make the box easy to open (“frustration free”) and to reinforce the brand.
  3. Decorate the interior of the box to reinforce the brand’s attention to detail and to provide an unexpected surprise for the consumer.
These criteria play right into the capabilities of many corrugated converters. Designers have the potential to create imaginative, practical, and cost effective e-commerce packages. Plant managers and press operators know what it takes to print on the inside and outside of the box. In collaboration with your vendors, you have the potential to become a disruptive force, too, and capitalize on the “Unboxing Experience”. Thank you Amazon.
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