Essential Principles of Water-Based Flexo Inks Course

BCM Inks is the first Education Investor to complete a training course for AICC members. AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, in collaboration with The Packaging School, worked with BCM Inks to create Essential Principles of Water-Based Flexo Inks, a new free course available to all AICC members.

“One of BCM’s primary goals is to help educate the corrugated industry about inks, color management, and graphics printing. We are extremely pleased to work with the AICC and The Packaging School in the development of this online course” said Rob Callif, President/ COO, BCM Inks.

The course provides the basics needed for printers and suppliers of water-based inks. Topics covered include:

• Major ingredients in water-based flexo inks
• Monitoring and managing water-based flexo inks
• Outside influences on color
• Transparent inks vs. opaque inks
• Color sequencing
• Spectrophotometry
• Understanding Lab/LCh
• Blending system advantages
• Special effects created by water-based flexo inks

AICC’s goal is to educate and create experts within the packaging industry by offering unparalleled learning opportunities. Mike D’Angelo, AICC Vice President, said “AICC thanks BCM for their leading role in the Education Investor Program. This course will be a foundation piece of AICC’s education offerings.”

This online course brings greater depth to the AICC Production Development Track and the flexo focused courses currently in the catalogue of free online courses.

More information about AICC’s free online education can be found at

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