Supporting the Industry: BCM Inks Signs on to be an AICC Education Investor

Hearing of the opportunity, BCM Inks was quick to stand up to support AICC members and educate the industry by becoming an AICC Education Investor. Investors will assist AICC and The Packaging School’s education professionals with the development of online courses.

AICC’s goal is to educate and create experts within the packaging industry by offering unparalleled learning opportunities.

Rob Callif, President/ COO, BCM Inks, said “BCM Inks is proud to support on-going education. Our upcoming online course, the Essential Principles of Water-Based Flexo Inks, will be available on the AICC website at no charge to all AICC members. I hope everyone within AICC member companies takes advantage of our course and the other excellent educational courses provided to you by the AICC Education Investors.” This course will be available January 1, 2018.

This course will be one of the requirements of the second level of the training required to earn a production certificate through AICC’s Development Tracks. 

“AICC’s Associate Members have always been generous with their expertise when it comes to the education program. We’re very pleased that BCM has taken the lead to participate in this important online course, a linchpin in AICC’s Development Tracks. We’re very appreciative to David and Rob Callif for recognizing the need for a course of this type. Water-Based flexo inks are common to virtually all of our printer members,” said Mike D’Angelo, AICC Vice President.

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