Do Better in 2018 – By David Callif, CEO, BCM Inks

I walked into the locker room at my health club on January 1, 2018. I wished the regulars a Happy, Healthy New Year when one person shouted “What are you going to do better in 2018? “I didn’t respond immediately. Instead I pondered the question. What Am I Going to Do Better in 2018?
I’ve thought about this for a few weeks. Now I’m ready to share my thoughts. These thoughts/ideas may help your business do better in 2018.
“Do Better in 2018”:  PROFESSIONAL
Relationships count.
How many times have you heard this statement? Well, my 30 years at BCM Inks have taught me that relationships are so important to the success of a business. It means helping people without expecting anything in return. It means getting back to your customers or suppliers on a timely basis. It means being someone they can count on in good or bad times. Can we do better? The answer is yes. I am going to start by posting my email and toll free phone number 1-800-678-6238. Email or call me with a request or if you just want to connect.
Industry specific training/education.
BCM Inks has always believed in education whether through affiliations with Clemson University, Fox Valley Technical College, other institutions, or customized in-plant training. Education/training can energize a person. You’re never too old or young.
For example, I just attended a chamber of commerce meeting where the speaker, Steven Hightower, CEO/Owner of Hightower Petroleum, explained how he took his business from $0 to a projected $500 million in sales. His is a fascinating story of persistence, passion, and self-belief. I gained several business nuggets and you can, too. Attend the AICC, TAPPI, FTA, or other association meetings.
You can also take advantage of online training programs. BCM Inks along with suppliers such as Fosber, Sun Automation, Printron, Pamarco, JB Machinery, etc. have developed online training programs in conjunction with the AICC’s Education Investor Series. Check out BCM’s online training program “ Essential Principles of Water Flexo Based Inks”. It can be accessed on AICC’s website by using your member log in and select the course under the pick list at the Packaging School.
Innovation is the lifeblood of a company.
Organizations need to encourage a culture of change. This is supported by David Owens, PhD, Professor of Practice Management and Innovation at Vanderbilt University. He recently stated in “Meeting Today” that “an organization must create a space that encourages employees to recognize areas of improvement, question the status quo, and feel safe enough to share ideas.” I recognize to “Do better” means fostering a more open atmosphere. Yes rather than No is the operative word. Failure is acceptable as a step to success.
Give back.
BCM Inks has supported many organizations and charities over the years. Some have been publicized. Many have not. The point is whether you receive recognition or not, give from your heart.
Do Better in 2018:  PERSONAL
I will celebrate my 68th birthday next month. I am writing this newsletter because I want presents! (just kidding). Instead of looking back on all the great years, I plan to look ahead. I want to make sure that I live up to the ideals of integrity, compassion, effort, gratitude, and respect. I also want to improve my listening skills so I can better hear the ideas/suggestions needed to move BCM’s and your business forward. In every case, I will be held accountable. I will “Do Better in 2018”. I wouldn’t want it any other way!
If you’d like to share how you plan to “Do Better in 2018” email me. I’d love to connect.

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