What’s Your “Secret Sauce?” – By David Callif, CEO, BCM Inks

What’s your “secret sauce”, or recipe for success? I started thinking about this question as BCM Inks was in the process of developing our unique color management software developed specifically for the corrugated market: Color ConneXion™. Are the ingredients for success- The right partners? Highly energized associates? Hiring the right people? A creative culture? Flexible decision ability? Or some other ingredient?

My curiosity was piqued. Who has developed a “secret sauce” for their successful business? Who was willing to talk about it, as most don’t want to give away their secrets?

I have been a member of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce CEO Roundtable Program for over 20 years. Membership has provided me with some great contacts and given me unique insights/feedback. As an aside, I highly recommend a program such as this or the AICC’s CEO Advisory Groups. One of the past members of my group is Todd Uterstaedt, CEO of an executive coaching company, and Founder and CEO of “From Founder to CEO”, a podcast executive training program. Todd has conducted over 150 interviews with successful founders/CEOs from around the world.

One that really made an impression on me was the interview with Cincinnati’s own founder and now CEO of Paycor, Bob Coughlin. Not only did Bob start a successful payroll and HR services company (Paycor generated 2016 sales over $200 million), he’s the driving force behind the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. This marathon was started in 1999 and is now one of the largest marathons in the USA. What impressed me about Bob was his desire to succeed at any endeavor. He was also willing to share his secrets to success or as he referred to them – his “secret sauce”.

He said his “secret sauce” was hiring the right people and letting them do their jobs, and developing a software program from scratch which offered greater flexibility than other companies’ software. These were the key differentiators between Paycor and its competitors. Sounds simple. However, Bob had to learn through a wrong CFO hire and the implementation of a stock software. In order for his company to succeed, he had to develop a “secret sauce”.

The question we all need to answer is the same as Bob Coughlin. What is our “secret sauce”? What is going to separate us from the competition? What is going to help us not just today but in the future? In my opinion, BCM Inks has found a “secret sauce”. It is…

Color ConneXion™, a new online color management software developed specifically for the direct print corrugated market to improve productivity. Navigating through this easy to use software makes reading and maintaining spot colors simple. A full color library is easily accessed to reference colors individually, or permanently store colors by specific jobs. This unique job function provides the means to reference color sequencing, anilox configurations, substrates, dryer settings, pH, and viscosity of inks by specific jobs. The information stored for each job reduces set-ups, increases run times, and ensures repeatable results.

Color ConneXion™ brings the press room to you. Internet access and a secure password is all you need to reference color libraries, view color readings, or determine how a “live” job is running. With unlimited seat licensing, an entire organization can take full advantage of all the benefits Color ConneXion™ offers.

If you’d like to learn more, contact me at dave@bcminks.com or plan to attend a presentation on Friday morning, 4/26, at the AICC Spring Meeting in Austin, TX.

What’s your company’s “secret sauce”? Share your recipe. Email dave@bcminks.com.