“Happy Holidays – We’re About to Be Trumped!” by David Callif, CEO/Owner, BCM Inks

I have written a holiday newsletter since I started BCM Inks USA, Inc. almost 28 years ago. Every newsletter has thanked you- our customers, our suppliers, and our associates. You have helped make BCM Inks a successful independent family owned company. In addition to thanking everyone for their support, I have sometimes offered my prognostications for the coming year. This year, with one of the most remarkable US presidential elections finally behind us, I can look more clearly into my crystal ball and proclaim for 2017 – “We’re about to be Trumped!”

What does this mean? Listed below are my Prognostications for 2017:

1. The Trump presidency will be good for business. He’s going to stimulate US business through tax cuts and other incentives.
2. Business is going to need to embrace technology to improve communication and bottom line results. Trump’s tweets are one example of using technology to your advantage.
3. Lean will be in. Trump believes in trimming fat.
4. The “experience” will become a prime focus. Trump has emphasized this with his hotels, resorts, and golf courses.
5. The next generation will influence our decisions. Trump depends on his older children for advice and isn’t afraid to ask.

2017 is going to be a fascinating year. All of us at BCM Inks want to thank you for your past support. We’re looking forward to helping you accomplish your resolutions.

Have a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!