“What’s Ahead?” by David Callif, President, BCM Inks

It seems like every time I go on a sales call someone asks “What’s New?” I enjoy responding to this question. It allows me to talk about the products and processes BCM Inks has already developed. However, when I leave the call, I recognize that what I should address is the future- “What’s Ahead?” What is BCM Inks doing to meet the needs of the industry, not just today, but tomorrow? How are we going to help everyone stay ahead of the curve?

The topics (not ranked in any particular order) and how BCM is addressing them are shown below.

  • Counterfeit Products– “Counterfeiting has become a $500 billion-a-year criminal industry that permeates everything people carry, wear, and even ingest.” (ABC News 20/20) Products from fake wine to fake soap, batteries, auto parts, perfume, pills, etc. are available in almost every market. This is an issue that is not going away. Anti-counterfeiting begins with Brand Authentification. Brands in their own self interest need to do everything they can to prevent fake products from reaching the retailer in the first place and provide tools to help retailers recognize counterfeits that do show up at the loading dock. (Brand Packaging 9/15/15) BCM Inks recognized this more than 10 years ago with the development of Secure-a-Flex inks and varnishes. We have now developed a new, improved Secure-a Flex product line. It is affordable to implement, easy for supply chain and retail partners to validate, easy to print, and extremely difficult for counterfeiters to detect or reproduce.
  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)– Did you know that there is a new food package label initiative that may affect a printer’s raw material choices? In order to obtain GFSI Certification the printer needs to accurately label all packaging that is processed by equipment that comes in contact with any of the BIG 8 allergens. The Big 8 are as follows: peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts, milk, eggs, shellfish, fin fish, and wheat. This means SOY Inks have to be identified for two reasons: a) the SOY protein could potentially penetrate through a corrugated package and contaminate any food packaged within and b) an employee/customer may be allergic to SOY products. BCM’s Eekoflex inks and varnishes are an alternative to soy inks. Eekoflex inks do not contain soy. They are made from pine tree rosins.
  • Sustainability– How “green” is your operation? Major consumer products companies (Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Mondelez,etc.) and retailers (Walmart, Home Depot, Target, etc.) are all committed to major sustainability initiatives. This issue is going to become MORE important as the next generation of consumers exerts their influence. BCM inks can help you conduct a sustainability audit which will identify and modify areas of waste within your operations. In addition, BCM also manufactures two sustainable lines of ink…Eekoflex and PCR Black.
  • Color Matters– Consistent color on packages will play a more important role. Color management programs with easy to understand software and easy to use instrumentation will become the norm rather the exception. BCM Inks has addressed this with the opening of BCM’s Color Studio, championing G7 and developing easy to use software to measure, monitor and record color accurately and efficiently.
  • Soft Touch– Consumers are attracted to stimulation. Products that appeal to the senses of touch, sight, sound, smell, etc. can generate more sales. This is why BCM developed a new water flexo soft touch varnish. It’s easy to print in-line, creates shelf interest, and is much less costly than the UV alternative, which BCM also supplies.
  • Digital Print– The fall AICC meeting had a couple of well attended sessions concerning this topic. Digital print is gaining traction in the corrugated industry. BCM Inks has been ahead of the curve in this important area. Reference my 2014 E-newsletter Volume 12, No.2- “Is a Digital Printer in Your Future?” for my thoughts concerning digital print and a partial list of digital printer offerings for the corrugated industry.
  • Internet of Things or IOT– This is the concept that products, machines, vehicles, and individual components in factories and on plant floors will be able to intelligently communicate via internet connectivity. It takes information gathering and analysis to an entirely new and useful level. (Techsolve 10/7/15) BCM is working on a new color information system which incorporates IOT. Look for the rollout in 2016.
  • Emerging Leaders- They will become the next generation of industry leaders. They view business differently than Baby Boomers. Rob Callif, the youngest of my two sons, is an emerging AICC/BCM leader. He has been with BCM Inks for 15 years. He has worked in every department. He understands the importance of outstanding service and product innovation. Watch for a major announcement concerning Rob in the December/January newsletter. Anyone interested in learning more about the AICC’s Emerging Leaders program should go to AICCBox.org.

I’d like to hear from you concerning “What’s Ahead?” in your business. Do you agree with my list? What would you add?

Contact me directly at dave@bcminks.com or 1-800-678-6238.